Public Engagement

Media Contributions

January 2016: Interviewed for BBC News Magazine article ‘Would it be Wrong to Eradciate Mosquitoes? (here)

December 2015: ‘Playing God With Mosquitoes? We Humans Have Loftier Aims’, published in The Conversation (here)

October 2015: Interviewed for Guardian Feature Article entitled ‘From Carvaggio to Graham Ovenden: do artists’ crimes taint their art?’ (here)

Practical Ethics Blog Posts

I also post regularly on the Practical Ethics blog, which explores ethical questions raised by current events and new research

Sartre vs The Selfie: An Existentialist Critique of Selfie- Taking

Rugby and the Love of the Underdog

The Ethics of Compulsory Chemical Castration: Is Non-Consensual Treatment Ever Permissible?

Stripping Addicts of Benefits – Coercion, Consent, and the Right to Benefits

Race, Gender, and Authenticity: Reflections on Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner

Legally Competent, But Too Young To Choose To Be Sterilized?

Smoking, Ice-Cream and Logical Progressions: Why We Shouldn’t Ban Smoking in Outdoor Public Places

Cocaine, Loss, and the Liberal View of Addiction

“Ravines and Sugar Pills: Defending Deceptive Placebo Use” – New Open Access Publication

Disability and Minimally Decent Samaritanism

Twitter, Apps, and Depression

Supermarkets, Spending, and Influences on Choice

Genetically Modifying Mosquitoes to ‘Bite the Dust’? Ethical Considerations

On the Ethics of Tipping

Terminal Illness and The Right Not to Know

Floods, Foreign Aid and Moral Distance

Kissing Grandparents and Consent

Caesarean Sections, Autonomy and Consent

Financial Incentives, Coercion and Psychosis

‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’: On the Unnecessity of Some Necessary Post-Mortems

The Law on Assisted Suicide: Time for the Buck to Stop

Introversion and Well-Being

One for the Road? . . .

Global Positioning Systems and Dementia: An Ethical Analysis

Art and Moral Taint

Salt in the Wound, or the Sweetest Thing? On Placing Legal Limits On the Sugar, Salt and Fat Content of the Foods We Eat.

“HoboJacket – An Ethical Analysis”

Four More Years . . .

Physician Assisted Suicide and the Conflict Between Autonomy and Non-Maleficence

Refusing Treatment to the Overweight: A Case Analysis

Advertising, Autonomy and Breastfeeding: Some Reflections.

Mind Over ‘Dark’ Matter – The Higgs-Boson & The Value of Theoretical Academic Enquiry

Banning Junk Food Ads On Disney Media Outlets: A “Game-Changer”, or a Mickey Mouse Measure?

The Kansas Anti-Abortion Bill: An Affront to Autonomy